An update on Futureshock, Glasgow’s first comic shop

Back in August 2014 I found out that Neil Craig, the owner of Futureshock had passed away. Futureshock was Glasgow’s first real comic shop, and Neil had been onboard from its early days when it was called Photon Books through to it’s end 34 years or so later. Since then the shop sat with it’s stock slowly fading thanks to the meagre sunshine Glasgow gets.

I’ve promised to find out what’s going on, partly because there was an idea of perhaps finding out who owned/leased the property and perhaps take it over myself when I get up to Glasgow, but illness hit me at the start of the year and although I’m hopefully over the worst, I still have issues to deal with before I’m hopefully fit to move from Bristol to Glasgow in the autumn.

So I’ve been relying upon friends to keep me updated, and around a month ago the shop started to be cleared of stock.


Unfortunately finding out who owns what in Scotland is an overcomplicated mess,  or costs more money than I’m willing to pay. It is basically, headache inducing trying to work out who owns what but I did find an old ad from an issue of the New Scientist in 1981 advertising that year’s summer SF convention in Glasgow called Faircon. If I lived in Glasgow I could go to the relevant offices and check the details for free but it strikes me it’ll be a pity to let Futureshock die, which sadly it looks like it’ll have to.

For a while I’ve dabbled with the idea of writing something, be it a series of blogs here or elsewhere, or even a book about British comics fandom and for me, Futureshock would be an essential part of that history as when the shop opened there were a handful of shops across the UK. In a time when remembering most of these shops has fell upon the shoulders of ageing fans in the darkest corners of social media, it seems a shame one of the last original locations is probably going to be some shitty Starbucks, or a Hipster shop selling ethical vegan doughnuts.

So basically unless a miracle happens Futureshock is done and a bit of Glasgow’s comic history will be lost forever.

2 thoughts on “An update on Futureshock, Glasgow’s first comic shop

  1. Future shock was was an iconic shop of its time. Such a shame that after his death home and shop were robbed by drug dealer. They are currently selling off his collection of books comics and graphic novel off to anyone they can


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