The Exorcist-1974 documentary film

I love archival films, especially recent ones which show how the world of the recent past has been lost and that applies to the blockbuster film, the first of which in the modern era is William Friedkin’s excellent The Exorcist.

The Exorcist was the first mega-blockbuster of the modern age that predates Jaws or Star Wars as something where everyone had to see, even if that meant queuing for hours and hours to get into a cinema to see it. Which brings me to this wonderful wee bit of archive footage from 1974 which shows the queues, as well as the audience expectation and reaction.

Today much of this reaction is transitory as there’s a new blockbuster out next week, but in 1974, The Exorcist stood alone in drawing the sort of crowds we take for granted. This is a wonderful little film showing those early days of the modern blockbuster, enjoy.

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