What I thought of Silver Surfer #6


Most of my reviews these days are over at That’s Not Current, but this issue of Marvel’s latest Silver Surfer comic is the 200th issue comic published by Marvel featuring the character. That in itself is an amazing act of comic geekery as the Surfer’s had some many appearances in so many titles, one-shots, mini-series over the years.

Created by Jack Kirby for his and Stan Lee’s run on the Fantastic Four back in 1966, The Surfer’s been primarily a cult figure since he enjoyed a short lived series written by Stan Lee (who effectively hijacked the character from Kirby who wanted to write and draw the series himself) and drawn by John Buscema in 1968. This latest series written by Dan Slott and drawn by Mike and Laura Allred teams the Surfer up with a human, Dawn Greenwood, as the pair have adventures now the Surfer has adopted Earth as his home.


Slott takes a light-hearted, soap opera approach to the Surfer and Dawn’s relationship, which coming after nearly 50 years of Silver Surfer comics being crammed full of more angst than a Goth’s sock drawer.


There’s two main plots in this issue. One is centred round Dawn meeting her mother to left her years ago, and the other sees the Surfer and Spider-Man team up to fight shape-shifting monsters.


This is all good natured superheroic fun. There’s a bit of substance with Dawn’s plotline which takes an unexpected turn which then looks to be the driver for the series in the future however the fighting stuff is just there to pad the issue out. This is on the whole fun, but light.stuff which makes it stand out from the relentlessly grim tone of DC Comics, or their bland Rebirth books.

Silver Surfer #6 is perfectly decent, good stuff. The Allred’s art makes it look wonderful, but as anniversary issues go this isn’t one of the best Marvel’s published over the years yet this is a good title overall and worthy of your attention.


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