The media’s lack of interest in reporting Nicola Sturgeon’s trolls

Over the weekend Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon revealed she’d tragically suffered a miscarriage when she was 40. This should be one of those things where people accept and empathise with a human story that’s hurt many of us over the years, but this is 2016 so instead some people decided to have a go, and I apologise if any of these Tweets offends anyone but these are a snapshot of what’s being said on social media.




These are some of the milder examples, there’s some utter filth out there in the badlands of Twitter, but this isn’t me as a supporter of independence in Scotland complaining because its Sturgeon being targeted, it’s because a human being is being targeted. Yet there’s nothing from the media, not even rent-a-Tweeter J.K Rowling has perfectly skewered these internet trolls being too busy setting her minions on Corbyn supporters it seems. Nowt, nothing.

There’s a reason why women normally don’t talk about these things if they’re in politics and it’s crap like this. I wouldn’t attack Theresa May is she’d said this because as much as I dislike May, I dislike her for her politics, her private life is nothing to do with me and isn’t fair game. Yet for some, Sturgeon’s private life is fair game and the idea this is a ‘sympathy’ ploy is sickening enough without the more vile stuff being said to her, and it’s being directly Tweeted to her.

Yet, the media who will report the slightest possibly offensive syllable aimed at politicians whose politics is close to their own stay silent. No condemnation. It speaks volumes.

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