Sorted for E’s and wizz-The ongoing story of my stroke/cancer


That’s all the drugs I have to take on a daily basis bar one, which I forgot to add in but that’s only a temporary one. The painkillers are to help with the issue with my back and leg which may be either sciatica or arthritis, I’m still waiting to get an MRI to find out what it is. I will say the pain in my back and leg has gotten better over the last few days, but the doctor hopes the Solpadol and Naproxen will clear it up or at the very least reduce the pain to a manageable level.

Til the drugs do their job I’m struggling a bit at the minute. Yeah, the pain has gotten better, but a month or so of chronic agony isn’t fun and I’ve no idea how people in a worse state than me put up with it. If I thought there wasn’t an end to this or a reduction in it I’d go mental.

I’ve also gotten fed up with those arseholes who don’t seem to care if a person is disabled. I’ve lost count of how many people have mumbled ‘hurry up‘ as they pass me in the street even though they must be able to see me struggle to walk? Then there’s the bus wankers. I’ve not hit a point where if it’s a busy bus and you’re sat in the seat meant for disabled people, you’ll get told to shift. Today for example a studenty type had her bags on the seat and asking her to shift them so I could sit seemed like I was asking her to do the most inconvenient thing in the world.

I’m not asking much, just a little bit of patience and courtesy, something some people seem to struggle with though thankfully most people are fine, there’s a core who constantly end up bing dicks or ruining what were decent days.

Anyhow, I have ALL THE DRUGS now. Worship me!

2 thoughts on “Sorted for E’s and wizz-The ongoing story of my stroke/cancer

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