Alan Moore is retiring from comics and fanboys are angry

Alan Moore is retiring from comics. Well, not quite, he’s still got work to come out and things he’d like to do so at some point he’ll run out of comics to do and move onto the other mediums he’s working in these days. Of course there’s a headline to be made from lazy editors though I supposed it helps publicise his forthcoming book Jerusalem. There’s even a nice New York Times interview which is quite amazing that any writer of comics is famous or important enough to grab such a thing.

Yet for some people, mainly corporate superhero fans, are angry. They’re angry at Moore. They’re glad to see him gone.


That’s mild to some of the stuff out there in the wilds of the internet on forums and social media fans are using this to yet again wheel out the tired cliches of Moore as a ‘crazy old man’, or as someone ‘who hates comics’ and on and on.

Of course the funny thing is Moore will never see these comments, he doesn’t use the internet, and of course there’s nothing wrong with being critical, but this is yet another case of people getting annoyed because Moore’s used an interview to have a pop at corporate superheroes like Batman, and Batman fans can be thin skinned it seems. Fans of corporations have even thinner skin, because we’re in 2016 and people are just as likely to cheer on companies like Warners or Disney and turn a blind eye to their dreadful records on creator rights if it means they keep supplying them with their fixes every month.

It says much that someone who hasn’t played with the big corporate superheroes in over 25 years still causes so much anger with people who in some cases weren’t even born when he last wrote a Batman or Superman story. It’s a shame as if many of them actually listened they’d realise Moore’s making a good point in regards a lack of originality (and I’m not buying the ‘modern myth’ line) in an industry often bereft of originality or talent. Pay and treat creators right and they’ll do better work for you.  That isn’t a shocking or horrible thing to say yet for some it seems it is.

So if this time Moore’s serious in that he’s done and hasn’t anything to say in comics anymore, fair play to him. He’s going to leave an amazing body of work people can go back to, but we still await the Next Alan Moore, the next writer to transcend mainstream comics in the way Moore did.


One thought on “Alan Moore is retiring from comics and fanboys are angry

  1. I’d rather it go down like this than have Moore start to see comics as a magical money/praise-generator like Morrison has and begin phoning in his work accordingly. As bleak & unpleasent as Providence and Cinema Purgatorio are or can get, they do read like there’s a soul to the story; rather than existing just to either fellate fanboys or pitch a movie.

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