Wings Over Scotland has been suspended from Twitter

Wings Over Scotland is one of the new media outlets that’s sprung up reporting on Scottish politics over the last few years. It has a reputation for reporting on the stories the mainstream media don’t, or scraping off the bullshit to uncover the truth. It does sometimes get things wrong, it does give the SNP a wee bit of an easier ride than I’d like and Stuart Campbell (the man behind the site) does sometimes enjoy rubbing people up the wrong way a wee bit too much.

It does however play an important and essential part of the new Scottish political spectrum and this morning the site’s Twitter account has been suspended.

Over the weekend Daily Express ‘journalist’ Siobhan McFadyen threw out an extraordinary article where she rewrote history in her own skewed image in an article so cringely wrong, that it looked like she was attracting attention to herself. Since then McFadyn has spent the weekend on Twitter trying hard to manufacture outrage and calling on Twitter support (and well and the New York Times and J.K Rowling, the latter giving away her intention) for help. This morning the Wings account has been suspended and she’s posted this on her Twitter feed.


This is a link to this article at The Times which is two years old, but a look at her Twitter feed reveals what looks like an attempt to attack independence supporters while suggesting she’s been the subject of abuse, which a look through her timeline does back up at all.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out the suspension is an effect of McFadyen’s campaign over the weekend, and one has to point out that this is effectively the work of someone who seems to be wanting to silence dissenting voices. If it is then this is concerning and I hope we see the mainstream media throwing their hands up in outrage over this as they did over say, David Torrance’s flouncing from Twitter.

I’ll not hold my breath on that one.

2 thoughts on “Wings Over Scotland has been suspended from Twitter

  1. Democracy is what we say it is, freedom of speech is what we say it is, seems to be the right wing mantra and only those who support the Union are right and legitimate, everybody else is an insurgent or some other name by which to identify the wrong people

    But the British have form for it and never seem to learn that the stifling of voices has only ever lead to one thing, more voices,

    But we’re used to it in Scotland and it will be overcome in the same civilised way we have tackled all of the British abuse, both physical and mental

    So there you have it “Britain” which defines itself as a Bastion of freedom does the exact same thing they accuse countries like North Korea of doing, but with Scotland I’m afraid the cat’s out of the bag now the whole of Europe has been watching with intense interest in Scottish affairs for some time and is fully aware of the new political situation and the use of the British State at Westminster to stop the democratic process from proceeding and the UK posturing no longer cuts quite the same amount of ice

    It should be remembered who the Daily Express actually are and who writes for it and who they support and financially how they support a newspaper in Scotland on virtually no sales figures when more copies are given away at airports than are actually sold to paying customers
    Then you begin to realise and ask the question “When is a newspaper not a newspaper” but a propaganda tool

    I ‘m quite sure were it a chocolate bar that didn’t sell the manufacturers would remove it and come up with a new product
    Unless that original chocolate bar were somehow laced with a drug hoping to dope the masses
    But surely that’s not what the Daily Express is trying to do…….. “Is it?”


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