What does Wings Over Scotland’s Twitter suspension tell us about Unionists?

The Twitter suspension of Wings Over Scotland is over and normal services is resumed, though Daily Express ‘journalist’ Siobhan McFadyen continues to hysterically paint independence/SNP as violent abusive thugs. For someone who works for the gutter press she either has ridiculously thin skin or this is all being manufactured for an article or both, though her increasingly unhinged posting as resulted in this quality comeback from The National.


McFadyen being somewhat humourless seems to have missed the humour in the comment choosing instead to endless mention how she’s contacted the police, re-Tweet Twitter’s share price and angrily respond to people who are asking her questions in a calm manner. It’s almost as if she doesn’t understand the technology she’s using or likes the two-way aspect of Twitter.

But what does this tell us of Unionists?

It’s another example of just how insane, not to mention either fascistic or authoritarian they’re becoming. One of the reasons I’ve not really done many politics blogs at the minute is because since the EU referendum politics across the UK is a mess, nobody has a clue what’s happening (anyone who say they do is a lying bastard) and there’s a rising level of fear, anger and entitlement from a hardening section of Unionists who know that a second Scottish independence referendum is for them, something they may lose.

What did stand out yesterday were those who may obviously support the Union but decried the suspension for what it was; a deeply illiberal and manufactured act from a ‘journalist’ working for a hard to far right newspaper, the Daily Express. It shows a certain recognition that there’s an extreme element in Unionism that isn’t liberal and that some opponents of independence are more reasonable than one would have previously considered. Then of course there’s Andrew Neil


Neil and others like him lumber around like dinosaurs aware that an asteroid is coming that may possibly render them extinct and are raging at the sky in the hope that their cries of entitled anguish stop it from hitting them. If, or indeed when a second referendum happens it’s going to be a vastly more polarised affair than last time but what does concern me is the way many Unionists seem intent on creating an air of potential violence which drags me back to Siobhan McFadyen who is indicative of these type of people.

Independence supporters and SNP voters/members (the two are not mutually inclusive) have to not give these people any excuses and they’re not, so this angers the likes of McFadyen or Neil even more. See, I think they want violence in the streets. They want people to be hurt as long as they support independence or vote SNP. There’s risky times ahead for all and what we now know is how far some will go, who will rightfully call out a wrong and how some will carry on and on in the hope they smear all and sundry.

Til we find out what Brexit actually is, we’re in this phase. When things start to become clear then things will really ramp up so let’s be careful and be aware that the most vocal or insistent supporters of the British state are the right to far right who will do or say anything to make their opponents look like the worst in society, yet they can’t see their own actions make them themselves the worst in society. Especially those working for the likes of the Daily Express.

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