Hear Alan Moore read a chapter from his book ‘Jerusalem’

Alan Moore has written a very, very, very long book called Jerusalem, not to mention heavy if you’re a postie having to deliver it. It’s over 1,000 pages long and sits right next to me now. It is however not the unreadable gubbins some feared, and in the 100 or so pages I’ve gone through so far is fair flying along, though I will say the size of the print makes it hard for a blind bastard like me to read it for any length of time.

Set over the course of millennia in his native Northampton (this is a huge novel in all terms of the word) Jerusalem promises much and once I’ve gotten through it, I’ll review it here and/or at That’s Not Current.

If however you’re only familiar with Moore via his superhero work, or even things like V for Vendetta, then this might be a wee bit off-putting so here’s a video of Moore reading a chapter. See if you like it and whether you want to see where it goes…


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