I finally caught up with the new Ghostbusters…

One of the problems with being struck with a selection box of illnesses and conditions is that going the cinema is either a chore, or so difficult to do that it isn’t worth the effort so I’ve only just caught up with the 2016 reboot of Ghostbusters and it’s out of the Big Summer Blockbusters I’ve seen this year, it’s miles ahead of what I’ve seen.

Strip the film of the misogynist backlash, the annoyed faux outrage of some fans, or the racism aimed at star  Leslie Jones whipped up by tedious right wing prick Milo Yiannopoulos and what’s there is a perfectly good blockbuster that’s fun, exciting when it needs to be, a wee bit scary when it tries, and extraordinarily good-natured, something I wasn’t expecting at all. See, in 2016 we’ve become used to the sort of grim cynicism in summer blockbusters that even infects the Marvel films, but this does something different, it’s positive.

All the main four characters are positive depictions of people, who in this case happen to have breasts and vaginas as opposed to a penis.Kristin Wiig’s characters is a positive for those smart, intellectual kids who end up getting bullied for being smart. Melissa McCarthy’s is a positive for smart overweight kids. Kate McKinnon’s is for those kids who are a wee bit socially detached, even autistic, and Leslie Jones provides a positive for working class black kids. Note I said ‘kids’ because Ghostbusters isn’t a film that pretends to be for kids or family audiences, and then gives them two and a half hours of grim, unrelentless misery, but it has a beginning, middle and end, which at the end of you leave the film with a smile if you’ve got any sort of heart at all.

It isn’t perfect. No films bar Mulholland Drive and Blade Runner are, but as a perfectly good, action/adventure/comedy this does the job, and it’s easier better than the dire Ghostbusters 2, and is around a par with the original. It’s a nice reboot for a new generation which is why I said in the previous paragraphs about the characters being aspirational for kids, not adults. See, if you’re an adult crying about how this isn’t YOUR Ghostbusters, and it shites all over your memories, then you need to become a functional human being because this is a film that’s so obviously tried to remain as faithful to the concept and give what fan service it can that it nearly fails in trying to make itself something in it’s own right. This though isn’t really aimed just at fans, but kids and especially girls often disenfranchised by the lack of women in summer blockbusters.

So, if you haven’t seen it and fancy a couple of hours of good, mild, harmless fun with some good effects, and some nice cameo appearances, this is worth checking out, The first 20 minutes do drag a bit, and some of the gags fall flat, especially if you’re not American but if that’s the worst I can say about it then great, go see it.

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