What I thought of Sixpack and Dogwelder: Hard Travelin’ Heroz #2


Garth Ennis isn’t one for being subtle or taking the piss where needed and the cover of this spin-off from his DC title, Section 8, shows John Constantine (a character who Ennis wrote and helped make his name on) in a wee bit of a state.

The splash page opening the book hammers the point home…


Constantine over the last few years has been treated terribly as a character by DC. Pulled from Vertigo Comics (DC’s supposed more mature imprint) into the regular DC universe to regularly interact with superheroes and not just that, become a superhero himself. It’s a far cry from the character Ennis wrote decades ago hence why he’s now ripping the piss out of that, and his employers at DC.

It also features Dog Welder fisting his dead dog.


This is Ennis showing his utter contempt for superhero comics while having a major dig at his employer for managing to fuck up one of their best characters via a series of dreadful editorial decisions and a series of poor creators who just don’t get what to do with Constantine.


This isn’t Ennis at his best, but this is Ennis at his best taking the piss and it’s good to see some blows land on DC Comics from within as they bloody deserve a good hard kicking for the mess they’ve made of a character like John Constantine.

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