On A Rope-The onging story of my stroke/cancer

After getting some decent news the other day in regards my cancer, I had my back pain diagnosed and it’s a slipped disc pushing on something that it shouldn’t push on so it feels like my leg and spine are like the most taunt rope you can ever imagine pulling your leg from either side via my lower back, my arse essentially. This is painful, but it’s not as bad as it was but with all that’s going on there’s a cause for concern, but at the minute there’s nothing serious enough to suggest operating will be the cure which is great.

To help I’ve been given more exercises to do, and SuperPainKillers, plus a load of Naproxen which when mixed with the cocktail of drugs I’m on to help with stroke recovery and cancer treatment leaves me knocked out. This should get better and won’t stop my move to Glasgow, but it means I need to have another MRI in three months to check to see the state of my poor spine.

This has been caused by how I’ve been walking since the stroke which has pushed my back out of shape, as well as an old back injury which has also been inflamed. That could be from 20 years ago or when I slipped on some black ice around four or five years ago, landed on my back, felt a twinge and rather go to the doctor staggered off to live life as normal which meant going to the pub.

So the lesson is kids, go see your doctor if something is doing something it shouldn’t because it will quite literally bite you in the arse in later life.

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