I have all the drugs-The Ongoing Tale of my Stroke/Cancer

So I went to the doctor today to sort some things out for the move next month to Glasgow (blood tests, etc) and pick up enough drugs to see me right during the move.


Yeah, that’s around six or seven weeks worth of drugs but things are going full steam ahead for the move. A date has been made. Notices given at work and my flat and a stunningly good deal from Hertz for a van rental so it’s all about making the next month as easy as possible.

All of this means that this time in exactly one month I’ll be probably somewhere on the M6 being driven to Glasgow. Which seeing as Brexit is turning everything to shite and that today Nicola Sturgeon has announced a second referendum bill means I’ve timed my return quite well. I now need to get fit when I get back because I’ve every intention of getting out in the streets to campaign for independence.

But before I relearn how to walk I have to take my doctor’s advice to spend a couple of months recuperating. I got a mild bollocking for not taking enough time off to do that but I’m nearly there…


One thought on “I have all the drugs-The Ongoing Tale of my Stroke/Cancer

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