One bad day

‘All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy.

Those are the words Alan Moore put in the mouth of The Joker in The Killing Joke.


Today’s pushed me. A doctor’s appointment which took ages thanks to a receptionist cocking up, bus drivers being dicks. A women in the shop being a prick because I didn’t thank her for when she let me walk past her, the stroke means I walk slow, and if you think I had harsh words to say you’d be right but then someone closed a door in my face which was annoying. One of the things about being fairly new to the world of being disabled is that you learn people bloody hate you for being disabled and enjoy inflicting small humiliations upon you.

Then I finally got home after all to have an answerphone message from my dad’s nursing home in Glasgow and upon returning the call I was informed he passed away last night. I was planning to return to Glasgow from here in Bristol back in the spring but having a stroke and being diagnosed with cancer has put me back. I am though going back for good next month.Sadly not in time.

So today is one bad day. Tomorrow will be a better day.

6 thoughts on “One bad day

  1. So sorry for your father’s passing. I know there are no words that will make that any better.

    I do want to say that your writings about comic books and UK politics have been a real pleasure for me to read over the last few years. I thank you for that and I appreciate you. I thought you should know, and I hope that helps a little.

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  2. Really sorry to hear this Glenn, hope you get the chance to be kind to yourself, despite this frequently selfish world.


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