A better tomorrow

Well there’s no point moping or wallowing in the seemingly relentless horror that is 2016. Yes, my dad did pass away before I could get back to Glasgow and I’ll have to deal with that but time for a new, fresh start. by leaving Bristol and getting to Glasgow so I can recuperate properly from my stroke, cancer and slipped disc.

It has been somewhat of an eventful year. It can’t get worse unless we have a nuclear war thanks to America electing Donald Trump so please, don’t do that.

Anyhow, focus shifts to the actual process of moving from Bristol to Glasgow, which when you look at it on a map is actually quite terrifyingly a large distance to do in a day.


It’s actually a nice easy-ish drive once you get past Manchester, but til then it’s a bastard of a drive which is why I’ll be on drugs most of the time. Drugs are cool, which brings me to this wonderful clip from the latest episode of Ash vs Evil Dead.

I imagine there’s people everywhere trying to make their own recipe now for a Pink Fuck.

Anyhow, this is somewhat rambling because moving on is the best thing for me now. Tomorrow is another day so I just need to move onwards and upwards, especially upwards where it’ll be cold, wet and even more wet, but it’s a chance to rebuild and regenerate.

Mine’s a Pink Fuck by the way.

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