The Walking Dead and why spoiler culture is for wankers

The Walking Dead has returned to tell us just whose skull was smashed in by the new villain Negan at the end of season six back in the spring.We’ve had months and months of wondering as to who gets offed.


As I live in the UK, I couldn’t watch the opening episode of season seven live, so using a Magic Crystal Device, I had the episode primed to watch after I got in from work. Problem is that in 2016 it is incredibly hard to avoid spoilers and lo and behold the episode was spoiled. Not massively. Just enough to diffuse some of the tension in what is a pretty bloody (emphasis on the bloody) tense, and excellent episode.

Now, you may say it was my fault. I should have avoided social media but when your newsfeed spits out details we’re at the worst of spoiler culture. I’m not talking about the bitter wee idiots crying because XXX has had their brains smashed out and how they’ll never watch the programme again. They’re just pricks. I’m talking about people, or news organisations who deliberately leak spoilers knowing that in the year 2016, fans of that thing will see it come up in their newsfeed whether they want it or not.

There’s an episode of an old British sitcom called Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads where the two main characters spend the day trying to avoid the result of a football match. That’s comedy derived from the fact we know there’s a time limit on spoilers, even back in the pre-digital age. But for people to take obvious joy in feeding out spoilers while claiming it as a badge of honour just, frankly, makes them utter wankers. Not knowing what happens ruins what the makers of a film, TV series, etc intended which is for people to come to a work fresh. Ruining it for others just makes you a wanker’s wanker. We’re talking up with wankers like Nigel Farage or Donald Trump.

Anyhow, the opening episode is immense. I especially liked the bit where Wolverine has a fight with some zombies, that looked brilliant!


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