In one week America decide what monster they want as president

I’ve not said much about the American elections due to happen next week because I don’t have a vote and nobody in the US probably gives a toss for my opinion but in a week’s time Americans have a choice between Lucrezia Borgia and Greg Stillson. At the minute with a week to go Clinton and Trump are neck and neck in the polls and although my brain says Clinton will grab a very thin mandate one does have to ask what on earth happened in American politics so that they throw up a careerist politician with an army of skeletons in her cupboard and a racist psychopath who if he loses or wins will see some of his more rabid followers act like we’ve seen in the UK with post-Brexit xenophobia and violence, but with more guns.

Both Trump and Clinton supporters are locked in a bitter, hateful war of attrition which just as you think can’t get worse, does. The latest turn is accusations of Trump destroying documents illegally.


To make it worse, the lesser monster here is Clinton, in the same way that I’d rather have one bollock cut off that both of them, but she’s got Labour electoral disaster John McTernan cheering her on.


So that’s Trump winning next week.

With America divided with one side pitched against the other, even in the world of comics, I hope the people of America decide on the less evil monster to inflict upon the planet for the next four years. If in the next four years they could find a sane, decent set of candidates for position of the most powerful person on the planet that’d be nice and anyhow, the UK’s got no right to sneer at America after Brexit. 52% of the electorate believed a lie on the side of a bus for fucks sake.

So please America, do the least evil thing. Also, try to get through the next four years without having a civil war or blowing the rest of the planet up. Thanks.

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