Brexiters are angry as their Brexit is at threat

The court case to see if the government can use the Royal Prerogative (a dusty old bit of undemocratic legislation in the UK) to invoke Article 50 (the procedure which kicks off the UK leaving the EU and officially start Brexit) has been lost by the government.

This has made Brexiters go apoplectic online.Yet again, the strip, The Male Online, captures that particular zeitgeist.maleonlinebrexit

Essentially the court ruling says that Westminster has to have a say, as all that’s passed through the UK parliament was the bill to make the EU referendum happen, it didn’t take the result as anything but advisory and certainly wasn’t anything to do with a hard Brexit. So after weeks of Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Nigel Farage crying about how voting to leave would ‘bring back control’ they’re not crying about the UK courts, errr, taking back control.

I’ll be honest that I’m not the best person to listen to in regards what the legal implications are here, so here’s David Allen Green, a proper lawyer, writing in the FT laying out the implications of today’s ruling. If you’re a Brexiter it isn’t good and the blame lies firmly with one person…

The problems caused by Thursday’s defeat were entirely the prime minister’s creation. Mrs May determined that the notification had to be done by prerogative and she even set a deadline of March next year. Both were her decisions. No doubt she regarded any advice that it should be done by a parliamentary vote as unhelpful.

But there is only so much any prime minister can do, even with the British constitution, by putting one’s head down and charging. The rules of reality are always there.

What happens now is we wait to see if the government wins their appeal. However, it is worth diving into the open festering sewer that is the internet to see Brexiters react and it isn’t nice. Failed UKIP leadership candidate Raheem Kassam sets the tone by saying Brexiters will take to the street and that’s painting the vision of angry Daily Mail readers waddling onto the street, but it also paints the picture of the far right hitting the street.

See, Brexit was never about ‘taking back control’ or sovereignty. If it were then there’d not be this rage, no, it was about getting rid of a globalised economic system basically overnight and of course, getting rid of ‘foreigners’. For these people Brexit was about imposing a form of right wing identity politics on the UK, and all the spiel about ‘taking back control was basically, pish.

And with every glorious tear of a Brexiter the world becomes a lighter and better place.

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