The sneering contempt of Tories of a questioning media

I’m busy getting things ready for moving house, and I’m working on a couple of big blogs before I move, so things are a bit quiet from me for now but here’s something to be amazed with.

Michael Fallon is the defence minister, he’s been in Scotland talking about the UK government commissioning eight new warships to be built on the Clyde. Sounds good for jobs but as this BBC article points out, there’s questions to be answered which Fallon and the Tories, aren’t answering.

STV journalist Bernard Ponsonby asked Fallon some questions when he turned up in Glasgow, and this happened.

Politicians refusing to give a clear answer is bad enough, but to have your PR lackey try to close down an interview is dreadful, so well done to Bernard Ponsonby for sticking to his guns and closing down Fallon’s sidekick as well as giving us a great bit of television.

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