So just how screwed is the world now there’s a President Donald Trump?

It’s now been a few hours since Donald Trump was elected American president, and the world is still in shock on today, 9/11.  In fact watching the coverage on British TV makes it feel like a giant fucking disaster which of course, it is. Trump can’t build that wall, those tax cuts are going to benefit the wealthy, not the poor, Muslims, black, Asian and LGBT people be terrified as you don’t get elected on a wave of hate without those people demanding their pound of flesh.

It’s worth looking at the BBC article titled Donald Trump: 30 things the Republican believes as it makes grim reading.We’re seeing a neo-fascist, racist, openly misogynist millionaire elected as the ‘anti-establishment’ president and that’s dangerous for the stability of the planet, unless of course you’re Vladimir Putin, ISIS and Wikileaks who today will be happy. Then there’s the alt-right; a movement of mainly angry young white men who as of today have their man in the Whitehouse, who have one of their leading lights saying this:

Richard B. Spencer, a white nationalist who refers to himself as the “Karl Marx of the alt-right” and has called for “peaceful ethnic cleansing” for a “white homeland,” rejoiced on Twitter shortly after midnight.

Clinton was a terrible candidate. A warmonger and a part of the American establishment, but a relative safe pair of hands compared to Trump who led a movement to send a message, and like Brexit in June, it was all about the right using the genuine anger of working class to gain power.

Also like Brexit it was the relatively well off over 45’s that live in rural areas that won it for Trump. This New York Times poll breaks down the demographics of the vote, and it makes for grim reading for Clinton as after all, these were the same people who voted for Obama twice who today voted for Trump so while there are racists and lunatics behind Trump, there’s also angry disenfranchised people tired of being ignored. Clinton though should have won had she, and the media which supported her, not been so bloody complacent by sticking to their narrative. At this point I should draw your attention to HyperNormalisation by Adam Curtis as some answers to where we are are to be found there.

So, people are scared. Liberalism, and the liberal-left is over in the US and UK. The far right are ascendant. Racism is being normalised. The post-truthers have in effect, won. There’s a few months to go before Trump’s sworn in so we won’t know what Trump is actually going to be like til the spring as I don’t seem him being stupid enough to start out his term (hopefully his only term) as a crazy fucking lunatic, though that fear is there. We’re living now in the age of fear and hate which is why I leave it to Stephen Colbert to try to work out what the fuck has just happened…


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