That Was Then but This Is Now: A cancer story

A few days ago I left Bristol to move to Glasgow to recuperate from my stroke and hopefully fight off my cancer. So with the aid of friends far too numerous to mention here, my life was packed up into the back of a fantastic van (free plug here for Hertz who were cheap and proved me with the aforementioned fantastic van) on Saturday just gone, and on early Sunday morning, my friend Mike and his girlfriend Lauren, packed the last bits and bobs and I least Bristol where it was like this.bristol1And once we crossed the England/Scotland border at Gretna we were greeted with this grey, blurry wonderland.


On Sunday fortunately the unloading took a short time (although my friend Bridget who I’m living with did have to tell me off for trying to lift things when I really shouldn’t as my back isn’t in a fit state) so over the last few days I’ve been slowly unpacking as well as helping reacclimatise after several decades of not living here in Glasgow.

The idea now is until the New Year at least, is to rest and recuperate. The NHS in Glasgow have already been in touch to get me on the system here as my oncologist has promised, so it’s all about recuperating and giving cancer a sound kicking.

I do also have this in the fridge.


I’m finally home.

6 thoughts on “That Was Then but This Is Now: A cancer story

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