Back to black: A cancer story

It’s coming up to my first week back in Glasgow. This is the longest I’ve been in Glasgow for decades, and although I’m being very well looked after which is helping my re-adjustment after living in the South West of England for a long, long time.

However, I’d forgotten about the lack of light. For three days I took a picture out our kitchen window in the morning to see how things are.


It’s vaguely bright at times, sort of.


But mainly the gloom is, well, a bit H.P Lovecraft.


So I’m looking at SAD lights as the 2.3 minutes of daylight each day is a tad different from the 10 hours of bright daylight Bristol would get.

My appointments for the GP and oncology are all lined up thanks to an amazingly smooth transition between NHS England and NHS Scotland (there’s not a single UK NHS, all the four UK countries have a separate NHS) but if someone can ship me 10 hours of daylight I’d put you on my Christmas card list!

1 thought on “Back to black: A cancer story

  1. It’s not quite as effective as a “sun lamp” but I was told to take 1000 – 2000 International Units of Vitamin D each day. My hair stopped falling out almost immediately and my skin cleared up but if this is my mood whilst I’m taking “the sunshine drug” then I must be much more depressed than I thought….

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