Ice, Ice Baby: A cancer story

I’m coming up to my second week back in Glasgow, and indeed, Scotland after moving back after several decades of living in England where it was warmer, and much, much lighter. It is at the moment -4 outside at least and dark, very, very dark with pavements like this.


This is an issue as recovering from the stroke mixed with a slipped disc has left me shaky on these sort of surfaces and I’ll be honest that I hadn’t really considered this before moving back, and although all my medical care has had a smooth continuity of care (including my cancer treatment) I don’t especially want to go slipping on my arse and break something. So I’m getting used to being flat-bound, or nipping out early in the morning before the gloomy ice descends.

Thankfully, my new SAD light will help me from reaching for the anti-depressants.


That will give me the sweet, precious daylight til the Scottish summer arrives for a week in June..

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