Katie Hopkins endorses a death threat towards a Tory MP

Anna Soubry is a Tory MP who supports remaining in the EU and is against the Tory government’s hard Brexit policy. I disagree with all her political opinions but here there’s an agreement. Katie Hopkins is a waste of skin but she’s got an undue level of influence thanks to the media giving her a platform. She’s also vocal on Twitter where she’s regularly Tweeting crap, and should normally be ignored but in this case, she can’t be ignored.


Jo Cox was the Labour MP murdered by a far right extremist during the EU referendum campaign and it isn’t hard to see what ‘someone Jo Cox Anna Soubry’ means, and in the current climate that’s a clear and obvious call to kill another elected MP who opposes Brexit.

The man who Tweeted that is being held by the police for questioning, but still Hopkins hasn’t withdrawn her support for what is a death threat. So here’s where we are; the far right are empowered and major mouthpieces on the extreme right like Hopkins feel happy to support calls for murder. If TV or radio producers hire Hopkins they’re hiring someone of the far right, not someone that’s ”good telly”.

Does anyone think Brexit is a good thing apart from the hard to far right anymore?

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