What I thought of the Wicked and the Divine #24


After last issues unconventional structure, Gillen and McKelvie go back to a more traditional comic strip format as we finally hit New Year’s Eve in 2014 in the continuity of the comic.


The situation is effectively summed up in one panel as to where the Pantheon now stand among humanity.


And there ends 2014, and the series moves onto 2015 on what is a optimistic note, but we the readers should know by know things are going to fuck up, and probably on a massive scale. Persephone’s hubris starts to be called into account, especially in the way she’s been treating Baal.


Persephone gets a much needed kick up the arse from Minerva, she makes it clear she’s out to bring Woden in to face justice, but he saves her the time and effort.


However, Woden being Woden, he has a plan to save his own arse.


That plan and Persephone’s reaction to that plan is by the looks of it what’s going to shape the direction of the series in the future, and as you’d expect, things are probably going to go very, very, very badly. Gillen and McKelvie are very much back on form with this issue after a bit of lull last issue, and I await the shit hitting the fan.

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