Eye of the Storm: Ridley Scott – Alien/Giger’s Alien

Alien is generally considered a classic SF/horror film, and that its influence has reached on for decades after the film came out. In 2017, Ridley Scott returns to the world he helped create with Alien: Covenant, which promises a return to the horror roots of the 1979 original.


Back in 1992 Scott was the subject of the BBC’s Omnibus, which was an arts documentary series and this section is all about Alien. It contains some snippets of deleted scenes and is a pretty essential, is somewhat obscure, bit of Alien lore.

In 1979, the creator of the creature, H.R. Giger was the subject of a wonderfully 1970’s documentary, Giger’s Alien, which apart from having an amazing Tangerine Dream style 70’s soundtrack, has one of the worst, and often painful, voiceovers you’ll hear in a documentary. It is however a fantastic little film rarely seen that contains some great archive footage.

2017 is going to be a big year for Alien fans, and these films are a nice way to look back at the start of something which has entertained, and scared the shit, out of people for nearly 40 years.

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