The colour of the Earth: A cancer story

Thanks to the move from Bristol to Glasgow, and the little bit extra waiting time, I’d not seen a consultant since October before the move back and quite frankly I’d started worrying a lot about things since stopping work a month ago and actually having time to recuperate after having worked (mainly through necessity due to having an employer who had zero empathy, understanding or decency to allow me the time off I needed, but that’s not something I’m going to go into as Macmillan may well pick that issue up for me) has meant few real distractions and that has led to me constantly thinking the worst is coming which means the world is constantly being filtered through black spiky filters.

Well, today I saw my new consultant at the Beatson, the West of Scotland cancer centre who’s staff are brilliant, but the centre itself is an arsehole to get to, which in my post-stroke recovery, mixed with the constant pain of my slipped disc means taxis. Hey ho, at least I can brush up on my Glasgow patter in what are lengthy taxi rides.

So, after arriving I was kindly shown to the right waiting room in the labyrinth of corridors, and noticed right away there was some interesting reading material on display.


Yup, that a Wee Bleu Book and a Wee Black Book from Wings Over Scotland on display in a hospital waiting room, which makes a nice change from a tired old copy of Heat, and maybe an old copy of the Radio Times. Anyhow, after a fairly short wait I was taken into a room by my new consultant and after some examinations as well as questioning, I’ve now had my future laid out for me.

In six weeks time I’m going to have a series of injections, some more radio-iodine, and as long as my Thyroglobulin levels are fine (basically zero as if I’ve got any Thyroglobulin in my system it means I’ve still got some cancerous thyroid tissue in my body) my cancer will officially be in remission and I’ll have my life back once and for all, albeit that the stroke recovery is going well and my slipped disc is also dealt with.

This hopefully last treatment kicks off on the 7th of February, the day after my birthday. It was going to be the 6th, but my consultant looked at the date and said he couldn’t possibly give me injections on my birthday. Next week I go back to my GP to hopefully find out how they can sort out my slipped disc but in terms of the cancer there’s either going to be a final treatment in February, or I’ll be looking at more treatment, including surgery. I’ll find out in six weeks.

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