What I thought of Better Each Day #1


Anxiety and depression will affect all of us and if anyone says they’ve never been depressed, never been anxious is either a liar or fooling themselves. Cartoonist Dennis Hart came up with a way for him to fight those feelings which can totally cripple people, and that was to draw a comic about how these conditions affect him.


It’s mainly about Hart’s career in comics in the first half of the book, but it covers the depression and the fear, of trying to break into an industry where, to be frank, there’s a lot of very talented people but there’s also a lot of shite blocking the way for people who may have different voices.


Hart in the second part of the book goes into darker reaches as he discusses his attempted suicide, as well as how he got himself out of that dark place many of us go. Better Each Day is a touching, sometimes funny, sometimes bleak telling of one man’s attempt to beat depression and make a career for himself while struggling with these issues. It’s a gem of a comic, and I recommend having a look at it as it’s one of the best things on Comixology this week.

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