Blade Runner 2049 trailer released

Blade Runner is my favourite film of all time. Well, most of the time, but regardless the film I’ve loved ever since seeing it at the old ABC cinema in Glasgow in 1982. I’ve given up even thinking about how many times I’ve seen it over the decades, fuck, I even had an old VHS tape break on me that I played it so often back in the day.

A sequel has been thrown around for years, and now we’ve got a trailer for it. It’s actually real which as someone who thought it’d never, ever happen. Ridley Scott won’t be directing this time, he’s just producing. The director this time is Denis Villenuve, currently on a high with Arrival,  and stars Ryan Gosling with a grizzled Harrison Ford returning to croak and look generally grizzled.

The trailer doesn’t give much away. It does look good, but until we get an idea of plot this is our first taste of what’s coming next year.

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