Goodbye Blue Sky-A cancer story


I’ve been back in Glasgow just over a month. I’ve got my cancer treatment appointments sorted and today I’ve got a letter for my physio appointment to deal with the slipped disc which has made mobility hard at best so that’s early in the New Year. Til then I’m on muscle relaxants to help with the back spasms and that’s good as I struggle through the labyrinth of the UK’s benefits system.

The lack of light at this time of year is also an issue. The SAD light I’ve got now is helping but dear god, dark by 3.30pm after a dawn that’s around 9am isn’t great for the mental health. Thankfully we’re past the shortest day now and from now on it’s sun, sun sun!!

Aye, right.

So with Christmas and New Year there’s the chance of a lull for about 10 days. Christmas will be in Glasgow for the first time in 28 years, and New Year will be with a friend just outside Manchester. I still haven’t quite worked out what to do with my life yet but at least now, there’s the return of some sort of structure.


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