The Return of the Magic Roundabout is a glorious gem of a mockumentary

Back on Christmas Day 1991, Channel 4 broadcast The Return of the Magic Roundabout, and its a bizarre programme. Starring Nigel Planer; it was a half hour mockumentary broadcast early on Christmas morning in 1991 that must have fried the brains of those wee kids watching it. Telling an entirely fictional history of The Magic Roundabout with drug references, missing episodes and other mysteries, it’s a comedy treat which passed quickly into obscurity as being broadcast at 8.50am on Christmas morning (it did have a repeat at a later slot a few days later but that again was something most people missed)is not a time when people traditionally looked for comedy gems.

Thanks to the glory of 21st century technology we’re now able to see what is a lost classic. Enjoy.


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