Fuck off 2016

2016 has been a bastard of a year. From David Bowie’s death, through to my own stroke and then cancer, and then to top it off (as things weren’t bad enough) I suffered a slipped disc, the year has been bad enough, but with Brexit, the deaths of not just celebrities, but actual idols of myself culminating with Carrie Fisher’s death (and as I write this there’s still two days left of 2016 so there’s plenty of time for an Iggy Pop or someone like that to go) and in three weeks time Donald Trump becomes president of the USA.

I’m done with 2016. It has been unremittingly shite with the odd patch of alright for much of the year. Thankfully this year is done. We can look back at it and be glad it has finally fucked right off.

2 thoughts on “Fuck off 2016

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