Welcome to 2017, we made it

2017 is here and as this blog is published I’ll be near Manchester with friends, which was also the subject of my second blog of 2016. So 2017 offers much; Donald Trump as American president, Brexit kicking off for real, arseholes gaining power and influence which means 2017 could well be the bastard offspring of 2016.

Yet for me it could be at least a decent year, certainly compared to 2016. I have a hopefully final radio-iodine treatment in February which if successful, means my cancer is in remission. I’m having my slipped disc being dealt with physio starting early in the New Year and there’s a chance by the middle or end of February I’ll be in remission and at least more mobile than I have been of late.

And this means I might, finally, have my life back. See the thing is with serious illness is that it robs you of your life. Everything is measured by doctor or hospital appointments and although that’s still going to happen after February whatever happens, it’ll be a case where I hopefully won’t be turning up expecting the absolute worst. This means I can think of what to do next and I’ve already been mulling over some ideas, some of which may well involve some drastic life changes, even on top of the drastic life changes I’ve had to do over the last ten months.

But that’s for a month or so away. Til then happy new year. We’ve made it. Lets hope 2017 is easy on us all!


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