What I thought of the Wicked and the Divine #25


2017 sees The Wicked and the Divine carry on its exploration of the post-Annake world and the place of the pantheon in it as Woden desperately tries to save his live against an angry Laura in full Destroyer mode.


Laura backs off from murdering Woden, but instead drags him into the Underworld to question him as she thinks he’s bluffing.


There’s clearly a darkening in Laura’s actions and attitudes (having your family murdered in front of you would do that) but she’s increasingly an unknowable risk to even people she considers friends.


Thanks to Woden’s now reformed character they focus on the ‘Great Darkness’ prophesied by Annake, what it is and why Baal especially takes it so seriously. Baal however is making use of his great powers.


We also get a glimpse of why Baal takes The Great Darkness seriously and just what the Pantheon have to face up to in future issues as Gillen and McKelvie step up another gear with this huge threat that’s been in the background all the time. Each issue in this arc is ramping things up slowly to, I assume, something huge and indeed, dark…

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