What is the problem with Millennials?

There’s been a video featuring Simon Sinek (he does TED talks among other things) talking about Millennials doing the rounds on social media for a while now, but in the last month has been widely shared. Have a look at it if you’ve not seen it before…

It is a fascinating clip and one on the whole that rings with some sort of truth. Having worked with Millennials there are situations where people are unprepared for the working world, and there is an element of entitlement as if you have a life being told you can get ‘anything you want’ you think that’ll carry on when you find out how the world of work works. The whole ‘safe space’ thing also means that people growing up in echo chambers struggle to engage people face-to-face. There’s also this Cracked article in answer to this. Some of it is true, some of it is bollocks; much like some of Sinek’s comments but there’s truths in both the clip and article here. It’s worth noting that every generation since WW2 (because kids aged 18-30 were being killed and maimed in the tens of thousands back then, so any generation since complaining has got it good since then) has thought they were the next golden generation.

I get that people want to have an impact, and they want to find what they want to do but you may well end up going through life bouncing from job to job. Here’s a thing though; every generation since the 1970’s at least have had to do the same and there are no ‘golden generations, and the Cracked article makes this point. There’s an issue with things like home ownership, job satisfaction, social stresses, and generally, being unable to find a place in life across all age groups.

I’ve sat in meetings at work where Millennials pull out their phones and place them on the desk. Bad, right? There’s also been middle aged members of staff doing the same thing. The truth is everyone can be a prick in the workplace. Everyone suffers stress from work. Everyone wants to do better. Do some Millennials have an entitlement problem? Hell yes, they do. Are some arrogant wee shites? Yes. Are some wanting instant gratification? Yes. That also cuts across the age groups.

The elephant in the room is class. If you’re higher up the food chain then there’s more chance of you progressing forward in life, and with a system designed to set person against person hence why slotting every generation with a shiny label like ‘Baby Boomer’ or ‘Millennial’ reduces a complex set of arguments to marketing terms. Are there issues with Millennials? Yes, there are but there’s a larger problem in that people are overall getting poorer in terms of income and chances, and while we’re all scrapping bits off each other those who sail through life easily because of inherited wealth and/or class carry on getting away with it.


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