What I thought of Monsters Unleashed #1


I love big monsters. They’re wonderful. I love the old Jack Kirby/Steve Ditko monster comics of the pre-Marvel era of the early 60’s and 1950’s.This latest mini-series pits Marvel’s superheroes against the various big monsters in their universe which means big battle scenes.


And big monsters.


There’s nothing especially subtle going on here. Writer Cullen Bunn doesn’t force the reader to strain the grey matter, and frankly this isn’t the point as we only want to see big monsters twatting the hell out of each other or Marvel’s various superheroes.


This is fairly standard superhero stuff, and while Steve McNiven’s art is nice, it isn’t anything but functional in places which is a pity as some of these monster designs are quite nice but this aside there’s some fun superheroics here which makes this a nice read, but utterly unsubstantial.


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