The inauguration of Donald Trump

The 20th January 2017 is the inauguration of Donald Trump as American president. People around the world are depressed as after all, Trump’s very friendly with the ‘alt-right’ (or Neo Nazis to give them their proper name), not to mention the sort of people that’d made Roman Abramovich look skint. Rather than ‘drain the swamp’ it looks like Trump is building his own swamp with people friendly to him, or so desperate for a glimmer of power that they’ll sell their soul for a seat near Trump.

Protestors are in the streets of Washington D.C mingling with Trump supporters which is sparking off some tasty scenes which promise a glimpse of what we may see not just in the US, but around the world for the next four years.However how did we get here? Are people who voted for Trump just extremist bigots and who exactly is responsible for this man being elected?

Truth is we all share some bit of blame. Here’s Ben Goldacre making the point.


Did you write Trump off as a joke? I did. I shared as many memes mocking him as many others; still do and will do, but Goldacre has a point. We all helped created the culture that spawned Trump, and people like Nigel Farage; his little yapping Lord Haw Haw.


Yet liberals need to shoulder some blame for letting the debate slip into the hands of the right. Liberals have to break free of echo chambers, listen to concern about working class communities about jobs, and instead of caving into extremists views on immigration and immigrants; make the case for it.

It’ll take a lot of soul searching now the day where Trump’s presidency becomes real, but retreating into echo chambers isn’t the way forward. Protest in ways that’ll be effective, such as the empty spaces confronting Trump when he stepped up to take the oath and become president. For an egomaniac, that’ll hurt.


So Donald Trump becomes president. It is now down to us to shape how the future goes because if we don’t things will not just get awful for us, it’ll be awful for those people Trump’s made promises he can’t keep and those people need to be guided back from falling for the next demagogue after Trump who’ll promise the unobtainable.

Good luck for all of us over the next four years…

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