I am turning into a Steve Ditko character…

I’m undergoing physio to sort out the slipped disc and help with my stroke recovery. I’ve been mentioning the walking stick I was given nearly a year ago was putting strain upon my left shoulder; something problematic as after last year’s operation I have little or no feeling in my left shoulder so it’s a massive effort to walk long distances because my left shoulder is taking too much strain.

So this morning I went for a physio session and was given a new stick; here it is…


On the way back home I suddenly realised that dressing all in black with a black question mark-shaped stick, that my transformation into a Steve Ditko character is complete. I’d like to be a sort of leftish version of The Question.


Maybe this is what the stroke and the cancer is doing? Maybe my (hopefully) last set of radiotherapy starting this Sunday will give me mysterious super powers? I dunno, I’ll just be happy being in remission…

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