Yes, we have no Brexit Bananas

Last night’s Question Time featured an answer from a member of the public even more stupefyingly stupid and inane than usual. Be warned; this is Olympic standard fuckwittery…

Just to go over that again. A woman was going to vote remain in the EU referendum but when she saw evil foreign European bananas she decided to vote to leave for the new opportunities that would see bent bananas galore!

Truth is that 40 years of bullshit about the EU has vomited up a myth about bananas. It is of course, a lie. There’s no regulations to make ‘straight bananas’. There’s rules about standardising them so everyone in the EU buys them at the same standard. That’s it.

So there we go. Someone made a massively important decision based upon a lie and rather than find out the truth, she followed through her stupidity to the ballot box. Depressing isn’t it?


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