What I thought of The Wicked and the Divine #26


We’re well into the new reality of the Wicked and the Divine, however last issue’s ending introduced us to The Great Darkness who as this issue starts is in a fight with Baal.


This issue is one of the issues we get a load of superheroic fight scenes.

wickedandivine39Which is quite unusual for a comic so heavily built upon characterisation, but The Great Darkness has been built up as a baddie since nearly the start of the story three years ago.


After the action we find out just how bad The Great Darkness is, and it isn’t good at all.


Gillen and McKelvie make it clear the seriousness of the threat, though with the Pantheon being this dysfunctional family of geeks, arseholes and children the idea they’d do a grown-up mature decision when democracy was introduced into their group was a dream. By the end of this issue it starts to become clear why Annake was calling Laura ‘The Destroyer’ as well as how Laura isn’t a reliable, even trustworthy God.

All in all this is a nice issue that moves the plot and characters on in equal measure while the threat of The Great Darkness lurks in the foreground setting things up nicely for future issues.


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