Jeremy Corbyn says ‘The real fight starts now’

After Labour helped the Article 50 bill enabling Theresa May sole power to take the UK out the EU, and in the process hand her power over the direction of Brexit, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said this.


Corbyn’s position was to tell the government he’d force his MP’s to vote for the bill and then ask for concessions thus giving up any leverage he had, and any Tory MP thinking of voting against their party went back and cowered on the backbenches. Diane Abbott today talks of how Labour had to ”listen to the nation‘ while fighting for a ‘good deal’ but like many people she’s got the idea that the UK will be able to negotiate a ‘good deal’. We won’t.

As soon as May invokes Article 50 next month we’re on a rollercoaster with no brakes and at the end of it is a sheer drop into a pit of flesh-eating spiders or a pit with Donald Trump and Nigel Farage laughing at the fact they’ve gotten what they wanted; a UK out of EU legislation where any remaining public services can be picked apart, privatised or scrapped. If you’re vulnerable, poor, or disabled (which I am now) then you’ll be shitting yourself. There is no ‘soft’ Brexit. There’s only a relentlessly hard Brexit.The place to have started the ‘real fight’ was a year ago when all this was coming to pass, but it’s clear Corbyn was rooted in old Labour/socialist ideology that painted the EU as relentlessly evil and although flawed, it was a different organisation, not to mention situation to the 70’s and 80’s when Labour figures used to speak venom about the EU.

So like a general sending in the archers after the opposing tanks have started rolling, Corbyn appears ready for a fight he’s lost, and lost badly. Scotland has another option, and that seems like 2018 we’ll be deciding where to go. Northern Ireland may well have their own option. England and Wales however have sealed their fate. The writer J.J. Patrick put forth his vision of the future.



That’s one of the more optimistic predictions of the next few years too.So there is a fight to be had, but I think pointless rhetoric is over as when it becomes clear just what’s going on we may have to fight tooth and nail to stop what is essentially a far right coup that’s been helped along by well meaning, but stupid people who think a socialist nirvana will arise from the ashes of a post-Brexit UK.

It won’t. Far from it.

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