What I thought of Invincible #133


Robert Kirkman’s Invincible is a comic I’ve dabbled with over the years and this issue isn’t just ridiculously cheap in order to celebrate Image Comics 25th anniversary, but it starts a new story arc which effectively acts as a sort-of jumping on point just for when Image promise that at the end of this 12-issue run then Invincible is over.

This issue starts almost wordlessly with a funeral. Kirkman likes to have long stretches of his work that are without any word balloons so the reader has to follow the narrative through the panels instead.It can be a massively effective technique and Kirkman does it well so when the silence breaks it’s normally to add an impact.


We get an idea of what has been lost, and the conflicts (because superhero comics are all about conflicts) arising from them.


Kirkman makes sure the reader is brought up to speed in exposition worthy of Stan Lee.


And we get an idea of all the relationships of the main characters in the comic.


There’s a mission to be carried out. A wedding and vows are made to enact revenge and we get the big story that’s going to crack on over the next 11 issues til the series ends. This isn’t anything hugely original (there’s been a touch of Steve Rude and Steven Grant’s Nexus throughout Invincible) but this is well told superheroics with a science fiction setting. It’s a good read, but as a jumping on point it’s a bit bittersweet with so few issues left to go, but then again it will make people go off and buy the trade paperbacks.


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