What I thought of The Dregs #2


The first issue of this rather surprisingly good comic from Black Mask dealt with gentrification and the wealthy literally turning using the homeless into meat. Sure there’s a mystery wrapped round this core plot but the message creators Zac Thompson, Lonnie Nadler and Eric Zawadzki are putting forth.


We pick this issue up with our protagonist Arnold, being prepped for dinner, but without giving too much away he escapes (after all, the series would be quickly over) and we have the story propel itself onward as we’re reminded we’re being told this story through the eyes of a homeless man.


It gets a bit Singing Detective which is fine; drawing from Dennis Potter is something the likes of Alan Moore has done in the past.


After the gorier first issue this one takes us deeper into the mystery, but for us as readers we know why the homeless people are vanishing, just we don’t know exactly who as yet is responsible for this.


The Dregs really is a pleasant surprise. A good script trying to say something more than superheroics or fantasy, and some fine art clearly influenced by European styles.


This is great stuff and does things with the medium few other monthly comics do. If you’ve not tried this then I urge you to give it a look.

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