I hate April Fools Day

I hate April Fools Day. It’s an excuse for companies to release things which are clearly just marketing like this…

Stuff like that is just smug bullshit but all it is, is marketing. Nothing more. Then there’s newspapers doing ‘funny’ stories which frankly, in the era of Brexit and Donald Trump is hard to distinguish from ‘normal news’.

Stuff like this classic BBC prank seems a relic today. It’s silly. It’s fun. There’s a skill in how it was made and it’s played straight without any ironic winks at the camera from Jonathan Dimbleby.

Or there’s this jolity from Grandstand, the BBC’s Saturday afternoon sport programme which ruled the airwaves for decades.

That was then. Now it’s just people trying to sell you stuff or unfunny crap which was dreamed up over an evening’s line of coke at the members club.

Or it could be I’ve grown old and cynical. I dunno…

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