Theresa May fights the War on Easter

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has taken her time out of her busy trip selling arms to Saudi Arabia to comment on the frankly astonishing story that the National Trust have axed the word ”Easter” from their annual egg hunt. Disgraceful you may say. ”Islamisation” you may drool. It’d certainly at least be odd.

If it was real of course. It isn’t.



On Cadbury’s website the word ‘Easter’ is everywhere. The campaign people are being offended by is just part of a larger campaign and anyone spending more than a second looking into this would find this out.

Now Theresa May could have said ‘no comment’. She could have laughed it off. She could have said ”I’ll look into it” and find out the truth. No, she said;

“I’m not just a vicar’s daughter, I’m a member of the National Trust as well,” she told ITV during a visit to Amman, Jordan. “I think the stance they have taken is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t know what they are thinking about frankly.”

This is the Prime Minister getting outraged about a non-story in a country where human rights abuse are insanely numerous. This frankly is insane. She’s in a country where if you tried to celebrate Easter you’d be imprisoned or worse and she’s jumped blindly onto a argument generated by far right commentators who’d get offended at anything.

Consider this; if May jumps blindly into this fairly trivial piece of bullshit, imagine what else she blindly jumps into without thinking?

6 thoughts on “Theresa May fights the War on Easter

  1. Naturally real Christians can see that the world loves such heathen festivals and that chocolate factories see lots of reason to boost their sales at such pagan festivals.

    Real Christians should take the occasion to talk with people that Easter bunnies and Easter chocolate eggs have nothing to do with the death nor with the resurrection of Christ, and that people who love God better show their love to Gdo by keeping to the holy days God has given His people to celebrate or to remember. As such we should remember the last supper of Jesus on Nisan 14 and the Exodus out of Egypt, on Nisan 15, and as such should come together on April 10 to have a memorial meal and have the readings on how God gave a precious gift. The Grace of salvation of slavery from mankind and of slavery from the curse of death.


  2. That could well be like we also like chocolate, but Jesus nor we would like it connected with a pagan festival and celebrate Easter. Jesus remembered the Exodus out of Egypt on Nisan 15 and asked his disciples to remember them coming together to have the instalment of the New Covenant on Nisan 14.


  3. Do you think Jesus would like a gallon of water which he could turn into Stella and we could sit around eating Minions Easter eggs and watch zombie films while getting pissed for free?


  4. I’m intrigued, Christadelphians.

    What do true Christians have to say about the sales of deadly weapons to regimes that frequently practice human rights abuses? “Love thy neighbour”… unless thy neighbour is brown, female, homosexual or very far away…?


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