Clap your hands if you want some more

There’s not much to report on the old health or life front at the minute since the Barrowlands show a few weeks ago. Cancer is still in remission, stroke recovery is going well, though missing one week of physio due to Easter means that I’m sorer than a sore thing that’s been inserted in a sore place. Plans for my Empire in Glasgow are on hold til the old body decides to play the game so I’ll have to put off bringing the Masterplan to fruition until 2018 so some of you can breathe a sigh of relief. That doesn’t preclude me from doing the odd small mart for the rest of 2017 of course but I think playing it sensible is a wiser option than throwing everything in a huge pot in a hurry. Essentially it’s best to leave a roast cooking a bit longer than serve it cold and uncooked.

And oh, Kiefer Sutherland is playing Glastonbury. He won’t be torturing someone on stage for 45 minutes, though I dunno. That probably will be more fun than watching Kieffer Sutherland, but maybe he could shoot someone in the kneecaps for an encore?

So for now it’s relative stability. Get a bit fitter, get some things sorted out,do Glastonbury,  pull shapes and then get on with it all…

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