Don’t vote for the Tories or their enablers

The general election is a week away. You have a choice; vote Tory and get the party of the rape clause, child cap, xenophobia, Unionism, racism and a ‘plan’ that is as full of holes as Swiss Cheese. Vote for UKIP you get the same but with extra racism. Vote Labour or Lib Dem in Scotland and you vote for Tory enablers. That’s right, the Tories and Labour are working in unity in Scotland as this Tweet also shows.

Hence why to beat the Tories in Scotland there’s only the SNP/Greens stand as the opposition. In England things are different. Labour are the only option (unless you live in Bristol and Brighton where you should vote Green) and for all of Corbyn’s betrayal over Brexit and his astonishing crapness in regards the rest of the UK outwith England there’s no other option as otherwise we’ve got Theresa May as Prime Minister.

There will be things needing to be done assuming Corbyn becomes PM. Scotland and Northern Ireland can’t adhere to his vision of Brexit, and his failure to keep his branch parties in line in Wales or Scotland as they do (and I assume will continue to do) the exact opposite of what he intends to do in England means that there’s much to be done. There is however the thought of Theresa May in power for five more years doing what she wants and enacting policies that won’t just kill people, but hurt the economy and state in ways we’ve never seen outwith of wartime.

If I were to recommend what people do it would be to vote SNP/Green in Scotland. Labour/Green in England. Plaid in Wales and Alliance and SDLP in Northern Ireland. I’d give Sinn Fein a shout but they refuse to take their seats in Westminster so frankly, what’s the point unless they do that? So this is where we are. Nicola Sturgeon and many on the left are right; this election shapes the future of the UK and Corbyn isn’t a saviour, far bloody from it but he’s not a sociopath like May and we may just be able to see if he’s sensible and pragmatic enough to work with.

But you vote Tory next week you own what they do next. When that comes on your doorstep and hurts you remember that you were warned.

3 thoughts on “Don’t vote for the Tories or their enablers

  1. As a Labour Party member and an active Socialist for over 30 years, I think that stating that a vote for Corbyn means supporting the Tories is both insulting and not related to reality. The SNP are far from being Tories, but they are not socialist.


  2. George, from a Scottish perspective, we’re just judging the Labour Party on its record (!) We’ve seen them hand in hand with the Tories and the UK Establishment to deliver the independence referendum defeat – putting Scotland into the crushing grip of the right wing at Westminster. We heard the bare faced lies from Jim Murphy and Gordon Brown (to name but two) before the last UK General election, along with a side order of truck loads of random insults. And now those who were prepared to tentatively extend a trusting vote towards Labour in the council elections are getting kicked in the knackers, as those elected are demonstrating they are solely interested in working against the SNP, regardless of who suffers? Maybe the SNP don’t fit your definition of “socialist” but they’re the ones telling the truth, caring about everyone – and keeping the promises they make.

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  3. Vote Labour in Scotland and you risk letting the Tories in. Look at events in Aberdeen where Labour gave the city a Tory council it didn’t vote for.

    Frankly many people are done with Labour here because they’re more interested in preserving their jobs and the Union than doing anything for the people they’re supposed to represent.

    So no, don’t vote Labour in Scotland. It’s dangerous.


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