How the UK welfare state tries to break you

There’s an item today about how Universal Credit is leaving people in poverty and debt due to it being so badly ran out that it’s leaving people without money for weeks. The system is designed to put people into debt; that’s the issue.

Today I called the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to tell them I’m signing off as I start work on Monday. Imagine my shock to be told ‘actually, we’re cutting off your Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), sorry, but if you want to appeal or apply for another benefit you can”. Which is utterly bloody useless. I’m starting a new job Monday, and to get the week (they stopped my ESA from the 3rd July) I’m due would involve me taking time off and dealing with a whole world of stress and quite simply, I’d rather go skint for a month than have to spend anymore time speaking to anyone from the DWP. 

However I’m fairly lucky. I’m only going to lose a week, and frankly, I’ll make that up via work or via selling comics, but imagine if you had no savings, you’re seriously ill and suddenly you’re told ‘nope, no more money for you. You can work’? You’ll be driven towards poverty. You’ll have to use food banks. You’ll maybe have to borrow money which means perhaps using a company which your MP is a shareholder of. The entire system designed to keep people going is now designed as a way to mice people for everything and then when it’s had that, strip you of anything else.

See when government says unemployment figures are decreasing what they actually mean that people claiming are decreasing because the system is designed to get people off claiming one way or another. I’m still recovering from a stroke and cancer yet some civil servant has decided without speaking directly to me or my doctors that I’m fit to work.Again, I’m going back to work but on my terms, not because some wee prick has a quota to hit this week but people are right now having to face days, weeks, even months with no income and a system designed to demonise and that at it’s core, hates you.

This system is not sustainable, nor does it do what it was supposed to do. It is a system that quite literally pushes people to the edge and beyond.  All I can say is try not to be sick or unemployed if you can because you won’t have the space to recover, or to do what you need to do before bureaucracy kicks in and you’re heading down the food bank…


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