Marvel Two in One: Stan Lee and Michael Jackson

With the sad news about Joan Lee’s passing here’s something nice and fun about Stan Lee with a bit of Michael Jackson thrown in.

Back in the 90’s Stan Lee was a peripheral (The excellent Marvel Comics: The Untold Story goes into more detail) in regards Marvel Comics. A figurehead at best, but still an important figure in comics but Lee was off in Hollywood trying to make TV adaptations and films of Marvel#s characters. Today that seems like it was easy, but no so in the early 90’s where this great video of Michael Jackson touring Marvel’s animation studios comes from.

It’s great to watch Jackson fanboying all over Lee, but there’s hints of why Lee was a then peripheral figure in the video as they talk of Lee being ‘cut loose’ from Marvel. It’s a nice video whatever just to see the biggest star on the planet at the time looking up to Lee like a wee boy.



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