Automat: the lost album of Italian electronica

Electronic music in the 1970’s ranged from un-listenable garbage to stuff which was new and exciting, so pretty much like today but with less of the former and more of the latter. Here in the UK as a kiddie I was hooked on the bleeps and bloops that’d appear on the BBC, especially Doctor Who, thanks to the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop, but over in Italy they had Automat.

Released in 1977 this only popped on my radar a few weeks ago and for me, it seems to be a missing link in terms of leaping from those early spacey bleeps to something more like we knew in the 80’s and indeed, if I didn’t know this was from 1977 I’d have placed this in the early 80’s. It also sounds a tad like the soundtrack to a good Lucio Fulci film which is high praise.

So enjoy a wee bit of somewhat lost musical history…


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